Coworker der GarageBilk Teil 39 – Mihai Popescu

Heute stellen wir euch Mihai vor, der seit kurzem eines unserer StartUp Büros bezieht:
Hi Mihai, tell us about you?

Hi there. I’m Mihai Popescu from Bucharest, Romania doing high-scale online marketing. I spent the last 3 years working for a travel tech company in Germany. Now I’m coordinating the performance marketing operations for Europe and Americas for one of the world’s leading hotel metasearch websites HotelsCombined. We are in the decision making business, by aggregating and presenting results from travel and hotel sites all over the world, we help users find their ideal accommodation and decide to book. We want our users to feel confident that they’ve made the right choice and re-assured in their decision so that they can enjoy their trip. Our technology also powers 1000s of other travel sites around the world.

Why did you rent an start-up office and not work from the company headquarters?

My company is based in Sydney, Australia, but we have business development offices around the world. I choose to stay in Dusseldorf and not move to the London for personal reasons, therefore I was HotelsCombined’s first employee based in Germany. I’ve worked from different co-working spaces until I was ready to settle in for an office space. I’ve chosen GarageBilk because of theentrepreneurship  culture, which is really the heart of my company’s culture, for the events and connections that a creative hub like GarageBilk can provide, and for the set-up that gives us the flexibility to fight the time difference between Europe and Australia. It was the right time to move in as the company is expanding its marketing head count around the world, hiring more performance marketing specialists around the world. We are a start-up within the company bringing the performance marketing for the region to a new level.

You want to get an impression of HotelsCombined? Click here for the video.


What is the difference between typical online marketing and what you do?

We use mathematical models and internal tools to manage 7 digits monthly advertising spend on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and their Asian alternatives (Naver, Baidu etc). Another layer of complexity comes from the product, having more than 400.000 destinations to advertise in more than 30 languages. We focus on generating quality leads for our partners, the booking websites, by giving users searching for hotels or other types of accommodation the best list of options before taking a booking decision. Everything is transparent and with no additional cost to the users, plus we guarantee the best price.