Coworker der GarageBilk Teil 45 – Vasco Bontje

Mit der Sustainica (02.-05.06.2016) erwartet uns ein Anstoß zum Wandel, denn die internationale Verbrauchermesse, Konferenz und Kunstausstellung hält Einzug ins Düsseldorfer NRW-Forum. Wir haben haben Vasco, den Managing Director der Sustainica gefragt: 

Deine Messe „Sustainica“ trägt den Untertitel „Kunst der Nachhaltigkeit“. Warum ist Nachhaltigkeit für dich eine Kunstform? 

Sustainica Flag_Horizontal

The idea behind the slogan is to keep the concept of Sustainica open for interpretation. The overall profile of the exhibition concept is still very new and we do not know in what direction it should evolve. This needs time. Sustainability / sustainable living – how I experience it – is far from mainstream. People and businesses talk about it, but actually ‚doing‘ it is a different story. The brands, designers and concepts shown at Sustainica can be seen as a form of art due to their ‚uniqueness‘. Art is in many ways also unique. 

Was ist das Besondere an der Messe „Sustainica“ im Vergleich zu Formaten wie z.B. der FAIR Handeln oder FAIR goods? 

First of all I think it is good to have different exhibition concepts available for the consumers and / or businesses. Sustainica is a modular exhibition concept that connects Culture, Art & Business. This allows us to communicate differently with our audience about sustainability, for example:

– By showing sustainable innovation (products / services) at the Sustainica fair.

– Through informative and interactive talks about various sustainability topics at the Sustainica conference.

– And the addition of art exhibition “Planet B” gives our audience a memorable experience and hopefully food for thought.

Sustainica is a joined project with Planet B, which is curated by the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. This partnership is important to us as it adds value in a substantive and artistic way.

Du stellst das Thema „Innovationen“ in der Vordergrund, warum?

Innovation can also be seen as anticipating on change. Change is a natural thing and is constantly taking place. Nevertheless is seems difficult for us to change the way we live, eat and consume. Why are people visiting Sustainica? Because at Sustainica they experience sustainability in a new and innovative way.

Warum sollten vor allem Unternehmen die Sustainica besuchen? 

Knowing what your competitors are doing is an important part of running a successful business. But Sustainica is not only about innovative solutions, it is also about the experience, the different layers of communication and interaction.